Don’t miss out on a sensational marketing tool that really gets results. E-cards are a fun and interactive way to entice repeat visitors to a site, and can be a primary component of any effective viral marketing plan. eCardMAX is the ultimate e-card software for professional e-card sites or sites that need an increase in traffic. eCardMAX covers all the details and meets every demand.

eCardMAX is loaded with features. With this ecard source code website, registered users can send voice messages with e-cards; create an album to upload photos, poems and music files; set up advanced address book; receive birthday reminder alerts; stay organized with card history and calendar; and much more. Admin can add watermark logo to protect ecard photo on the fly.

eCardMAX 11.1 Web Server Software Features:

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    Multiple Ecard Formats

    Support Image ecard(.JPG, .PNG), animated gif(.GIF), flash ecard(.SWF), video card(.MP4), youtube and html(.HTML) ecard.

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    Invitation Add-on

    Invitation add-on module for holidays, events, and parties with RSVP and guest list tracking.

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    My Account

    Member can view and modify account information, set up send reminder to email/cell phone, calendar, view financial information, account permission, account statistics, favorite ecard, history, birthday alert, subscribe to newsletter.

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    Watermark Branding

    You can choose to optionally place your logo or any other watermark on uploaded.

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    Payment Gateways

    Members can make payments using credit cards through these supported payment gateways: PayPal and Other payment gateways can also be integrated if required.

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    Free or pay or both

    eCardMax is flexible as a free ecard site or membership subscription or pay-per-card.

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    Member Album

    Member can upload own pictures, fonts, musics, poems, stamps for personalized ecard.

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    Your members can include smilies, word art, picture… with advance Hoteditor in their messages, comments and other places in order to personalize their messages even more.

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    Create Your Own Ecards

    You may create your own categories and upload unlimited ecards. Sender can record voice message to send with e-card, upload their own image or flash animation; music or sound files; poems; and more for custom e-cards, Skin background, preview e-card before it is sent.

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    Multi-Language Support

    You can optionally run your site in multiple languages at the same time. Members will be able to choose their preferred language which will apply to everything, including emails, custom pages, news, etc. RTL (right to left) text direction is also supported and automatically enabled if member selects certain languages.

What's new in eCardMax:

  • Support PHP 7.x
  • Responsive layout with full-width or boxed
  • Change header and footer style, admin can create new style with HTML file
  • New option for homepage with categories grid view and tab ecards.
  • Change new SEO friendly URL with categories, ecards view, invitation categories and invitation ecard view.
  • Create/Manage a Coupon/Voucher for discount membership
  • Description of category with WYSIWYG – Rich Text Editor and a thumbnail.
  • Sticky menu option
  • Share pickup ecard with social, Download as PDF and Print
  • Add title and link in banner/slider
  • Add and remove recipient easier
  • New layout for Administrator
  • Add Chat embed and Google Tag Manager or other js code.
  • Statistics of ecards and invitation ecards
  • Fix bugs
  • New ecards (about  400 newly designed ecards available for download separately with purchase of eCardMax)

With its generous assortment of features, eCardMAX affords flexibility and customization that other software does not offer. eCardMAX provides the following features:

Users Account Management:

  • Automatically adds watermark logo to e-card to protect images
  • My Album for uploading photos, poems, music files
  • Random Quote available for play at homepage
  • Flexibility in display of feature cards, popular cards, top-rated cards, random cards at homepage
  • Feedback program for quick e-mail delivery to specific department
  • Banner tracker for tracking how many times a banner is displayed and clicked on
  • Choose your own customized e-card category display name
  • Powerful e-card search engine
  • Dependable e-mail reminder service
  • Calendar with all the organizational tools anyone could ever need
  • Advanced address book that includes entry of birthday
  • Import Outlook address book
  • Birthday alert from entries in address book, sent a few days before birthday
  • My Account for organizing and storing information and includes user’s birthday
  • Card History to avoid sending same card to someone more than once
  • Option for new name and e-mail address to automatically be saved in address book when a new e-card is sent.
  • Upcoming holidays and events automatically displayed
  • E-card can be sent to multiple recipients
  • E-card can be sent to facebook account

Users Create Custom Cards:

  • Sender can record voice message to send with e-card
  • Sender can upload their own image or flash animation; music or sound files; poems; and more for custom e-cards
  • Rich WYSIWYG Editor for formatting personalized card text
  • Skin background can display image types: GIF, JPG, PNG, and FLASH
  • Can preview e-card before it is sent


  • Easy to install and use
  • Option to display Top Cards, Popular Cards, Random Cards and New Cards in a row or column
  • Integrated Spot The Difference, Memory game with eCardMAX and easy to add new games as they are created
  • Option to allow only registered members access to play games
  • Style options to control appearance of eCardMAX
  • Encrypt user name and password after user login to member area
  • Sign-in required for sending exclusive cards
  • Set-up for Free E-cards for non members
  • Displays image to indicate if a card is free for all senders
  • Displays image to indicate if image is a GIF, PNG, JPG, YOUTUBE, VIDEO, FLASH
  • Tell-A-Friend script included
  • Feed-back script included
  • Powerful Administrative Control Panel
  • Quick and easy language translation for translating entire website
  • Supports emotion icons
  • Supports auto thumbnails
  • Handles an unlimited number of card categories, subcategories, and images
  • New card categories are easy to create
  • Simple activation or deactivation of a category, music, poem, or image
  • Rotator banner script included for ease in displaying advertisements
  • Captures all senders and receivers e-mail into a database, with only new e-mails added and duplicate e-mails automatically removed
  • Supports ecard types: GIF, GIF Animations, JPG, PNG, Macromedia Flash Animations (.swf), Video(MP4), Youtube link, HTML file.
  • Supports audio types: mp3, ogg
  • Set skin background default for each image
  • Send Mail via SMTP or sendmail function
  • Admin can control Categories display Order
  • Admin can control ecards display order
  • Admin can ban/unban user based on IP or Email address
  • Admin can review user’s feedback online
  • Admin can set auto birthday cards category for all members
  • Visually attractive interface
  • Completely new design of Admin interface with in place edit
  • Updated Database Layer and code to Improve Performance


  • Added security with encrypted admin ID and password after login to admin area
  • Set Template: admin can use templates to alternate styles and themes available to users
  • Create language file for editing, creating new, or deleting an existing language file
  • Translate Category: translate category name from English to another language to display specific language on the category menu
  • View and delete users uploaded image files
  • Comes with more 500 card photos.