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Welcome to eCardMAX.com. Whether youíre a professional webmaster or developer who needs software that compliments your creative skills as you build first-rate sites for clients, or youíre an individual who wants an attractive and fun site, you need an exceptional, hard-working, user-friendly solution for web automation. eCardMAX provides it for you.

eCardMAX is a leading provider of web server software and scripts for marketing-savvy site builders. Our innovative software is user-friendly, flexible, affordable, and offers plenty of useful features that require minimum time investment. Take a look at our products and decide for yourself that eCardMAX really is the maximum resource for software for e-cards, form mail, feedback forms, pictures, games and more.

eCardMAX $149.95 - Promotional price $104.97

Donít miss out on a sensational marketing tool that really gets results. E-cards are a fun and interactive way to entice repeat visitors to a site, and can be a primary component of any effective viral marketing plan. eCardMAX is the ultimate e-card software for professional e-card sites or sites that need an increase in traffic. eCardMAX covers all the details and meets every demand....

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Online Invitation Service $99.95 - Promotional price $69.97

You get a lot of service and payback for the small investment of this program.
This user-friendly add-on module for eCardMAX (Standard or Gold) is no ordinary invitation software. It is an excellent solution for creating and sending customized online party and event invitations with special touches such as voice mail or music added to invitation cards. Enthusiastic visitors will come back again and again to create invitations, monitor event attendance status, send e-mail reminders to guests, check on birthday alerts, and more. So what are you waiting for? Create some excitement on your site--order Online Invitation Service now

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Media Grabber$99.95 - Promotional price $69.97

Media Grabber, an add-on for eCardMAX (Standard or Gold), is also a visitor grabber! This program enables users to download any media files, including Photo Flash, Shockwave, Quick Time Movie, Windows Media, Real Video/Audio, Midi, MP3, from any website and then send them to friends as an e-card, from your site. Imagine how happy users will be to come back to your site when Media Grabber permits them to easily select the exact photos they want for their e-cards! Another great feature of Media Grabber is that it allows users to put logo on an I.E. tool barójust like Yahoo. How impressive is that!

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FormXP $59.95 (Special Offer) - Promotional price $41.97
5 in 1 Package: Formmail - Survey - Poll - TellAFriend - Mailing List

If youíre looking for one of the best, most powerful scripts ever developed for creating mail forms, form building, youíve found it in FormXP. FormXP boasts a user-friendly interface that quickly gets the detailed job done without hassle and frustration. Custom forms for the most demanding web site are no problem with FormXP because it enables you to create complex HTML forms--forms with an unlimited number of fields; and send auto respond messages in Text or HTML format.

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WYSIWYG HotEditor $27.95/Free - Promotional price $19.57
Latest version also supports Safari 1.3.2 or higher

Use every advantage available to showcase your creativity and still easily get the job done. HotEditor is definitely an advantage! It simplifies your work and provides more options when you are using Internet Explorer, Mozilla, FireFox, Netscape, Opera, SAFARI on Mac OSX, Windows, Linux platform.

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Game: Spot The Difference $27.95/Free - Promotional price $19.57

Every web site needs something fun! This game gives the webmaster something fun and challenging to add to the site. Spot The Difference requires the player to analyze two similar images and spot the differences before the time limit runs out. Itís a great marketing tool, as it challenges visitors (and their friends) to come to the site to test their observation skills, again and again.

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Game: Memory (Simon Says) $27.95/Free - Promotional price $19.57

Generate traffic to any site with this classic game that everybody loves and never grows tired of! Simon (the computer) plays a series of tones and lights up specific colored images. The challenge is for the player to exactly repeat Simonís actions. The fun and challenge level rises as new tones are added and the length of sequence increases until the player fails to exactly repeat the sequence.

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  ďIíve worked in the internet marketing industry for over 10 years now, and eCardMAX is one of the best pieces of software Iíve been fortunate enough to work with... Full review"
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