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Home / HotEditor V.4.2 Supports Safari 1.3.2 or higher Free / Click here to buy Keycode

new HotEditor Version 4.2 is a browser-based rich text editor that provides an advantage in simplifying the workload and providing more options. In this version (4.2) you will find how cool Hoteditor converts HTML to BBCode and BBCode to HTML (great idea for integrating Hoteditor to forum software). Take a look at demo link below to find out.

Your Forum looks so plain? Your user don't know how to use BB code to post message? You came to the right place. It's time to turn <textarea> into a powerful WYSIWYG Rich Text HTML Editor. Don't force your users to learn another set of markup tags. With this MOD your user can format their posts just like they would in MS. Word
Integrate WYSIWYG HotEditor
to phpBB2/phpBB3 Forum

Integrate WYSIWYG HotEditor
to Simple Machine Forum

Integrate WYSIWYG HotEditor
to PunBB Forum

Integrate WYSIWYG HotEditor
to MyBB Forum

Integrate WYSIWYG HotEditor
to UseBB Forum

Integrate WYSIWYG HotEditor
to Phorum Forum

Integrate WYSIWYG HotEditor
to XMB Forum
System Requirements:
  • Can be used with Internet Explorer, Mozilla, FireFox, Netscape, Opera, Safari on Mac OSX, Windows, or Linux platform.
  • HotEditor Version 4.2 supports Safari browsers as well.

Hoteditor Features:

  • Version 4.2 stable version is now available (Latest updated June 20, 2007 - support Vietnamese Keyboard)
  • Work with Safari 1.3.2 or higher.
  • Ability to convert HTML to BBCode and BBCode to HTML
  • Hoteditor will output both HTML code and BBCode.
  • Easy to integrate Hoteditor to any forum software.
  • Works in IE 5.0 for Windows; Netscape 7.1, Mozilla 1.3, Firefox 1.0, Opera 9.x, and Safari on all OS
  • Fast-loading
  • Absolutely WYSIWYG
  • Build-in BBCode Editor - will work with all Forum system.
  • Easily integrated into any web page
  • Compatible with ASP, PHP, Cold Fusion, JSP, .NET
  • Supports wrap code for forum user ([QUOTE].....[/QUOTE] - [CODE].....[/CODE] - [PHP]......[/PHP] and more...)
  • Support for hyper links
  • Option for text to read from right to left
  • Virtual keyboard with 35 languages
  • User can remove formatting in the selected text
  • Insert picture (.gif, .jpg, .png, .bmp) from local computer or link from another website
  • Pictures can be resized and inserted anywhere in the text
  • View HTML source editing
  • View Calendar and World Clock
  • Insert Smileys, Clipart, and Wordart
  • Insert special characters (use Unicode)
  • Style and Format advantages: bold; italic; underline; cut; copy; paste; font type; font size; foreground and background text colors; paragraph alignment and indent and un-indent; bullets and numbers; insert horizontal line; undo and redo; subscript and superscript
  • You can design the look of your Editor via CSS files.
  • Free instruction to integrate Hoteditor to forum software (see below)
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HotEditor (WYSIWYG)

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Memory Game

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