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Home / eCardMax $149.95 - Holiday price $104.97 Click here to buy

Don't miss out on a sensational marketing tool that really gets results. E-cards are a fun and interactive way to entice repeat visitors to a site, and can be a primary component of any effective viral marketing plan. eCardMAX is the ultimate e-card software for professional e-card sites or sites that need an increase in traffic. eCardMAX covers all the details and meets every demand.

eCardMAX is loaded with features. With eCardMAX, registered users can send voice messages with e-cards; create an album to upload photos, poems and music files; set up advanced address book; receive birthday reminder alerts; stay organized with card history and calendar; and much more. Admin can add watermark logo to protect ecard photo on the fly.

eCardMAX Gold Version demo
View user demo :: View administrator demo

What is the difference between the Standard and Gold versions?
Features eCardMAX Gold Version ($299.95 - Holiday price $209.97) eCardMAX Standard ($149.95 - Holiday price $104.97)
Display eCardMAX.com copyright footer No, you can remove our footer Yes, you have to
2CheckOut & Paypal instant payment script Yes No
Users can create 2 free family accounts Yes No
Admin can create give a way account Yes No
The rest of features list can be found below Yes Yes

To download eCardMAX zip file (or other software)
please come here http://ecardmax.com/ehelpmax/download.php

Click here to see sites using eCardMAX
eCardMAX Web Server Software Features:

What's new in eCardMax:

  • Support SEO friendly URL
  • Import Outlook address book
  • Integration with Facebook (allow user to view ecards and click ecard to send in Facebook)
  • Send embed video ecard
  • Send ecard to Twitter accounts
  • Ecard sent statistics
  • Bookmark and share ecard
  • Unlimited photo albums
  • Music dropdown suppots mutitple categories
  • Allow guest/free membership group to send ecards
  • Allow users to change sort order when browsing ecards
  • Support multiple currency symbols
  • User comments (admin may turn on/off this feature)
  • Multiple languages support inside Admin
  • Separate SEO title for each ecard
  • Embed message for flash ecard
  • User may resend invitation
  • New flash ecards (20 newly designed flash ecards available for download separately with purchase of eCardMax)
  • Send auto birthday ecards to a group of contacts

System Requirements:

  • eCardMAX is designed to run on every server with PHP version 5.x or higher, and MySQL 4.x or higher.
  • It can be run on any platform: Unix, Linux, FreeBSD, Window.
  • Another eCardMAX advantage: If your server doesn't support crontab, we will host crontab for you at no extra charge.

What You Get When Purchase eCardMax:

  • Free installation for first time buyer.
  • One year support via ticket and software upgrade.
  • Free download of templates, languages, music, ecards, etc.

With its generous assortment of features, eCardMAX affords flexibility and customization that other software doesnt offer. eCardMAX provides the following features:

Users Account Management:

  • Automatically adds watermark logo to e-card to protect images
  • My Album for uploading photos, poems, music files
  • Random Quote available for play at homepage
  • Flexibility in display of feature cards, popular cards, top-rated cards, random cards at homepage
  • Feedback program for quick e-mail delivery to specific department
  • Banner tracker for tracking how many times a banner is displayed and clicked on
  • Choose your own customized e-card category display name
  • Powerful e-card search engine
  • Dependable e-mail reminder service
  • Calendar with all the organizational tools anyone could ever need
  • Advanced address book that includes entry of birthday
  • Birthday alert from entries in address book, sent a few days before birthday
  • My Account for organizing and storing information and includes user's birthday
  • Card History to avoid sending same card to someone more than once
  • Option for new name and e-mail address to automatically be saved in address book when a new e-card is sent.
  • Upcoming holidays and events automatically displayed
  • E-card can be sent to multiple recipients
  • Sender can opt to receive copy of sent e-card
  • Sender can opt to receive notification when e-card has been viewed
  • Sender can schedule date e-card send date
  • Clear display of site statistics
  • Sender can rate e-card
  • Members can add e-card to "favorites" folder
  • Random and quick pick of an e-card
  • Auto delete old cards
  • Address Book supports User Group
  • Support Multiple Membership Plans
  • Search ability in Address Book
  • User can import address book with an easy copy and paste
  • Subscribe/Unsubscribe to newsletter
  • Security Image verification when user signup
  • User can upload stamps
  • New Category list navigation
  • All Text Buttons for easy language translation
  • Reminder to Cell Phone
  • eCardMax Gold version now has Pay Per Card
  • Invitation can be sent at a later date
  • Advance check for errors (invalid e-mail address, past date, empty fields, etc.)

Users Create Custom Cards:

  • Sender can record voice message to send with e-card
  • Sender can upload their own image or flash animation; music or sound files; poems; and more for custom e-cards
  • Rich WYSIWYG Editor for formatting personalized card text
  • Skin background can display image types: GIF, JPG, PNG, and FLASH
  • Special skins backgrounds
  • Can apply any Java Applet for image
  • Can preview e-card before it is sent


  • Easy to install and use
  • Option to display Top 5 Cards and New 5 Cards in a row or column
  • Integrated Spot The Difference, Memory game with eCardMAX and easy to add new games as they are created
  • Option to allow only registered members access to play games
  • Style options to control appearance of eCardMAX
  • Encrypt user name and password after user login to member area
  • Sign-in required for sending exclusive cards
  • Set-up for Free E-cards for non members
  • Displays image to indicate if a card is free for all senders
  • Displays image to indicate if image is a GIF, PNG, or JPG
  • Displays image to indicate if the image is a FLASH movie
  • Tell-A-Friend script included
  • Feed-back script included
  • Powerful Administrative Control Panel
  • Quick and easy language translation for translating entire website
  • Supports emotion icons
  • Supports auto thumbnails
  • Handles an unlimited number of card categories, subcategories, and images
  • New card categories are easy to create
  • Simple activation or deactivation of a category, music, poem, or image
  • Rotator banner script included for ease in displaying advertisements
  • Captures all senders and receivers e-mail into a database, with only new e-mails added and duplicate e-mails automatically removed
  • Supports image types: GIF, GIF Animations, JPG, PNG, Macromedia Flash Animations (.swf)
  • Supports audio types: MIDI, Real Audio (.ram, .ra, .rm), and Windows Media (.asx, .wma)
  • Set skin background and Java Applet default for each image
  • Send Mail via SMTP
  • Admin can control Categories display Order
  • Admin can control E-cards display order
  • Admin can ban/unban user based on IP or Email address
  • Admin can review user's feedback online
  • Admin can set auto birthday cards category for all members
  • Visually attractive interface
  • Completely new design of Admin interface with in place edit
  • Updated Database Layer and code to Improve Performance


  • Added security with encrypted admin ID and password after login to admin area
  • Set Template: admin can use templates to alternate styles and themes available to users
  • Create language file for editing, creating new, or deleting an existing language file
  • Translate Category: translate category name from English to another language to display specific language on the category menu
  • View and delete users uploaded image files
  • Supports seamless integration with phpNuke version 7.2 (using same user logins)
  • Supports direct integration with forum phpBB script (using same user logins)
  • Comes with 1,244 free card photos (622 full size, 622 thumbnails), music files, poems, stamps, and Java Applet





eCardMAX Admin


HotEditor (WYSIWYG)

Spot The Difference

Memory Game

Java Applet

Midi Music


ECardMAX Live Chat

  Ive worked in the internet marketing industry for over 10 years now, and eCardMAX is one of the best pieces of software Ive been fortunate enough to work with... Full review"
Erik Lundberg
  I just wanted to let you know weve been very pleased with the quality of the eCardMAX software... Full review".
Naseem Khan

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